Working with determination and enthusiasm, keeping the goal in mind, is Morena Rosa Group’s philosophy, which in more than two decades of history achieved great accomplishment. With creative and innovative nature, we’ve built an organization sustained by individuals and solid principles as respect, strength, motivation, commitment and dedication.


Our Belief:

We’ve always been recognized for being more than just a group. We’re a hearty company! Our values always give priority to mutual respect, transparency and love to hard-working people.

Since our group’s foundation, we’ve applied our ideas and feelings to make things come true, and we truly believe in them to shape our projects, actions and materialize the constant evolution of our company, working with ethics and social responsibility.


Our History

In 1993, in the City of Cianorte (PR), within a small structure called Morena Rosa, with several dreams and four machines manufacturing sweatshirts sold in wholesale, our company was beginning to emerge, which is today one of the largest Brazilian fashion groups.

We have about 1,300 direct employees and one of the country’s largest garment industries, with manufacturing facilities and offices in the States of Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.

We produce about two million pieces/year, which are marketed in more than 6,000 Brazilian multibrands, our own stores, Clube Morena Rosa franchises and in more than 10 countries




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