Since our establishment, we’ve created and consolidated an identity to each brand, to provide unique consumption experience to our customers. Morena Rosa, Zinco, Lebôh and Maria.Valentina are brands that represent and understand Brazilian women, with authorial design, keeping an eye on trends and always maintaining quality, which is a reference of our products.

logo Morena Rosa

A Iódice nasceu para vestir uma mulher confiante, urbana e que aprecia uma moda exclusiva e ultrassensual. Em seus mais de 30 anos, traz coleções que versam sobre as belezas brasileiras por um viés cosmopolita e globalizado.


logo Morena Rosa

Encantadora e feminina por natureza, a marca traz a essência da mulher brasileira em todas as coleções de roupas, linha Beach, Intimates e Shoes.


logo Morena Rosa

It is a brand symbolizing the sophisticated and independent woman, who is noted for elegance and intelligence.


logo Morena Rosa

It translates the style of women who seek in fashion the opportunity to live every moment intensely


logo Morena Rosa

It preserves the identity of the urban and frenzy woman, who shows attitude in what she wears.


Stay on top of everything that happens in the group.

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